History of the University

UDU Dragomanova

Until recently, it was believed that the history of our University dates back to July 15, 1920, when Kyiv Institute of People’s Education (KIPE) was formally established. However, historical and pedagogical research of the past decade, in-depth study of relevant archival documents and materials, discussions, scientific conferences, and round tables provide grounds to believe that this date is formal and falsified. It does not take into account the fact that the establishment of KIPE had a deeper historical background, embodied in the organizational and institutional forms of systematic training of secular teachers in Kyiv, initiated in 1834 by Pedagogical Institute of St. Volodymyr Kyiv University. The latter gave rise to a number of higher Kyiv pedagogical educational institutions, the continuity and succession of the evolution of which until 1917 was strictly controlled and ensured by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Empire.

In 1920, KIPE inherited the premises, faculty, libraries, and traditions of teacher training of St.Volodymyr Kyiv University, Kyiv Teacher's Institute, Kyiv Higher Women's Courses, Froebel Institute of Preschool Education, etc. In this way, it became a direct successor to Pedagogical Institute of St. Volodymyr University, whose successor today is the Ukrainian State University named after Mykhaylo Dragomanov.

The founding date of Ukrainian State University named after Mykhaylo Dragomanov should be November 21 (December 4, new style), 1834.

In brief, the history of the development of our University is as follows:

December 4, 1834 (new style)

The actual opening of "special educational institution" - Pedagogical Institute of St. Volodymyr Kyiv University

May, 1835

Graduation of the first group of external teachers who passed the certification at Pedagogical Institute


Transformation of Pedagogical Institute into the Higher Two-Year Pedagogical Courses at St.Volodymyr University


Creation on their basis of an independent educational institution - Kyiv Higher Pedagogical Courses


Restoration of the Higher Pedagogical Courses at of St. Volodymyr Kyiv University, their cooperation with "external" courses


Transformation of Kyiv Higher Pedagogical Men's Courses into Teachers' Institute


Incorporation of St. Volodymyr University, Higher Women's Courses (St. Olga University), Teachers' Institute and other institutions into Kyiv Institute of People’s Education named after M.P. Drahomanov


Transformation of KIPE named after Mykhaylo Dragomanov into Kyiv Pedagogical Institute named after A.M. Gorky (since 1936)


Establishment of Kyiv State Pedagogical University on this basis and returning the name of M.P. Drahomanov to it


Establishment of Drahomanov Ukrainian State Pedagogical University on this basis


Granting the University the status of National University


Reorganization of NPU named after M.P. Drahomanov and establishment of a new institution of higher education, Ukrainian State University named after Mykhaylo Drahomanov, on its basis.

The restoration of the true history of the formation and development of higher pedagogical education and its leader, Ukrainian State University named after Mykhaylo Drahomanov, is an urgent need for Ukrainian national revival, the consolidation of Ukrainian statehood, and the full-fledged entry of domestic education into the European educational space as deeply historical, fundamental, high-quality, and, accordingly, competitive education.