Distance admission

In accordance with the Procedure for admission to study for higher education in 2022 approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated April 27, 2022 No. 392, the admission of foreign students to the Dragomanov Ukrainian State University can be conducted offline and/or online (remotely) (via a partner organization with which an agreement has been concluded on the remote conduct of entrance exams for foreigners in accordance with Appendix 11 to the Rules of admission for higher education at the Dragomanov Ukrainian State University). In order to enroll remotely, a foreign applicant must be in their country of origin. First, a foreign applicant must contact the email address: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам необхідно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. or Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам необхідно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. to inform the university of his desire to study and submit an application in electronic format (print, fill out and sign, then scan and send to the university) together with scans of documents about previous education with a translation into Ukrainian, which allow admission to the educational level chosen by the applicant, according to the Rules and procedure for admission to study at the Dragomanov Ukrainian State University.

Foreigners who have received an invitation to study registered in the "Electronic Journal" automated system of the authorized state enterprise of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, have received a package of information and consultation support services, and have obtained a visa for entry into Ukraine for the purpose of studying are eligible to participate in distance admission.

The organization and conduct of entrance tests for foreign citizens is carried out through the mediation of a partner organization that is a resident of the country of origin of the entrants, with which an agreement on the provision of relevant services was concluded. The subject of the agreement is the provision of personal identification services, verification of the original documents of entrants, organization of receiving entrants' applications in electronic form, provision of premises and technical means for conducting consultations and entrance tests by a higher education institution in a remote format.

The University has concluded agreements with organizations that meet the following requirements:

Compliance of the ​​premises area for remote submission of documents, consultations and entrance tests with the established norms of quarantine restrictions in the country where recruitment is carried out;

Providing entrants with personal protective equipment;

Ensuring the procedure of entrants’ identification using facial recognition technologies, which includes verification of personal data (surname, patronymic (if available)), biometric data and their verification;

Ensuring control of compliance with the requirements of integrity during the entrance exam for foreigners;

Providing a place to store the entrants' phones, tablets and other electronic devices confiscated during the entrance examination;

Providing a device for suppressing cellular and Internet networks; 

Ensuring video surveillance around the perimeter of the auditorium where the entrance exam for foreigners takes place by installing at least two video cameras;

Providing technical equipment for video communication with the examination commission of the educational institution in real time (computer, video camera, microphone, TV or projector with a screen);

Presence in the auditorium of at least two employees to monitor compliance with the requirements of academic integrity and technical support during the entrance exam for foreigners;

Providing all entrants with individual computers connected to the online platform of the institution, which will be used to hold the entrance exam for foreigners;

Providing consultations and trainings before the entrance exam for foreigners so they can get acquainted with its rules in the remote form and the use of the online platform;

Providing video recordings of the entrance exams, transfer of video materials to the educational institution through the online platform, storage of information and video materials after the entrance exam for foreigners for five years at the partner organization.

The organization must also be entered into the official state register of the host country, be a taxpayer and have no debts to the host country.

In the case of remote admission, the foreigner sends legalized and notarized copies of documents on previous education to the educational institution by postal means. When crossing the state border of Ukraine for the first time and after arriving at the educational institution, the foreigner hands over the original documents to the university in person.

The institution of higher education calculates the points/grades of the entrant based on the document on the previously obtained level of education and establishes the minimum value of the number of points/grades required for admission in the general education subjects from which the entrance exam for foreigners is held.

Enrollment of foreigners to study at the appropriate level of higher education is carried out based on the results of entrance exams for foreigners in specified subjects and the language of study and on the basis of academic rights to continue studying, provided by a document on the level of education obtained in the country of origin, and taking into account the success scores that give the right to continue studying at the next level of higher education in accordance with the legislation of the country that issued the document on the obtained degree (level) of education.

All categories of foreigners enrolled in studies are enrolled in higher education institutions of Ukraine on the basis of enrollment orders. Confirmation of the fact of study can be a certificate created in the Unified State Electronic Database on Education.